BUC - Knox Refugee Partnership

A partnership of Bracebridge United Church and Knox Presbyterian Church
to support a Syrian Refugee Family to start a new life in our community.

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46 Dominion Street,
Bracebridge, On P1L 2A5
Website: bracebridgeunitedchurch.ca

Knox Presbyterian Church
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The Janbali Family - Our sponsorship

The Janbalis have already been designated as refugees by the United Nations. The sponsoring partnership of Knox Presbyterian Church and Bracebridge United Church has been working together on this vitally worthwhile project. Much of the necessary paperwork has been filed and now we ask for the financial support of our community. One of the government requirements is that a minimum of $60,000 be raised, in advance, to settle this family and support them for their first twelve months in Canada.

The Janbalis will need help with housing and furnishings, jobs, language skills, clothing, transportation, and orientation into Canadian life - just to name a few basic requirements.

The Janbali Family

Ardawan, the father – a business man who ran an appliance store, Ghazwa, the mom, Kanaan, Ahmad, Roula and baby Emma. The children are aged 18, 16, 15 and baby. At present Ardawan is working with a brother doing appliance repair and any other work to earn money to survive. Ghazwa, stays home to look after the baby Emma. The family shares a small apartment in Erbil with Ardawan's brother. There are 12 people living together – 4 adults and 8 children. One of their major problems is poor electrical service with it's constant breakdowns and outages.

Meet the Family . . .



Ahmad - He is hoping to become a hairdresser like his brother. Both the boys enjoy football, but conditions in Erbil Iraq do not allow for much out door play.



Kanaan - He wants to be a hairdresser when he gets to Canada.


Baby Emma - According to her Aunt all she wants to do is eat!!
Ardawan and Ghwaza would like to open a Syrian restaurant. He helped his brother open a restaurant a long time ago. Berivan says:"My auntie is the best cook. They are hoping to use their skills when they come here".



Roula - She wants to become a Doctor. She is actively studying english and is teaching all her family members.
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